Simulation Games have grown popular within the Video Game industry for serval reasons. There are also different takes on simulation games by different companies, As some would have to be realistic and complicated while others are just fun.




The simulation genre can ranging into different sections which could be a simulation about real everyday thing in the world like Farming, living your life or driving, Other simulations can take a completely different approach away from everyday life such as military simulators, flying a plane and/or jet. Here is a list of some simulation games that have many different types of simulation for the player.


1). The Sims




–  This is one of the most popular simulators in the market. This game allows you to make a person, make a family or a pet. Then live everyday life for your person or in this game they are called sims. Your Sim would need to get a job for money, along with satisfy everyday needs such as food, sleep and social interaction to do well in the game. This game is loved due to its massive customisation options with your Sims and you Sims home, You can buy furniture, make friends and make a family, some of the possibility are endless in this well known simulator.


2). DIRT




–  DIRT is a rally racing simulator. The simulation elements comes from players needing to compete in timed stage events on tarmac and off-road terrain in varying weather conditions as this makes the game more realistic and feels like how a real rally event would be.


3). Rising Storm




–  Rising Storm is a realistic World War simulation game and this is also a a military first person shooter. This game focuses more on the Pacific war between the americans and Japanese. They use weapons and artillery that would be found in that time of year and keeping it as realistic to the lore as possible.


4). ARMA




–  ARMA is a famous first person military shooter with large elements of realism and simulation. This game features a blend of large-scale military conflict spread across large areas alongside the more close quartered battles. This game is famous for its realistic settings with vehicles and equipment, taking real like situations into consideration like broken bones and the loss of blood on the battlefield.


5). Cities Skylines




–  Cities Skylines is a Real Time Strategy (RTS) City building game, Players work to maintain the city’s budget, population, health, happiness, employment, pollution (land, water and noise), traffic flow, and other factors. Players start with a plot of land and earn money to expand your land to build more houses and increase your population.