The Shooter Genre is one of the most iconic genre of video games in history! Lots of people play console for the sole purpose of shooters or what they are also know as First Person Shooter (FPS). With a huge selection of shooter on both console and pc you will never have a shortage of shooters to choose from, either with first personal military shooters to third person casual shooters.




Some companies takes very different approaches to shooters wether they decided to make their game a realistic shooter with beautiful graphic and realistic physics, or the would have a casual shooter with lots of colour, pick-ups, explosions and many more.

Below here are examples of both First person shooters and Third person shooters, along with some games taking a realistic approach while others are going for the crazy over-the-top action!


1). Call of Duty




–  Call of Duty is one of the most popular games in the video game industry due to producing some fantastic games within the franchise. Within the annual franchise this company produce a realistic military first person shooter experience. This franchise ranges from Modern War, World War, Futuristic War and the Cold war to game the player different experiences in each new release. This game is loved by many has lots still by the game annually, however there is also a large fanbase who hate this series will all its passion. However like any game everyone has there own opinion. This game is a fast paced shooter where it can be every player for themselves.


2). Battlefield 




–  Battlefield is a ealistic military first person shooter however compared to its competitor ‘Call of Duty’ there is more weapons, attachments, vehicles and destructive environments. However this game is more about teamwork than being a ‘lone wolf’, also this game is a lot slower paces because the maps can be that big. This game also has become an annual franchise with a huge fanbase and yet again there is also others who hate this franchise. Like any games there is no supreme shooter has everyone is different.


3). Gears of War




–  Gears of War is a third person apocalyptic shooter and one of the post popular third person shooters in history. This franchise is famous for the strong opposing enemies and the huge use of gore within the game. This game has a co-op story and a competitive multiplayer and loved by millions. This game has a big storyline along with memorable characters and cool, yet horribly scary bosses. Compared to the more popular first person shooters like battlefield or call of duty this game is still popular and has many fans.


4). Team Fortress 2




–  Team Fortress 2 is an animated first person shooter with a colourful cartoon palette within its graphics and is one of the most popular shooters on pc apart from the Counter-Strike series, however these two games were made by the same company. Team Fortress 2 is the sequel to the 1996 mod ‘Team Fortress’ for Quake along with its 1999 remake. With this game peaking in players everyday and this games is loved by millions.


5). Left 4 Dead




–  Left 4 Dead is another PC and Console created by Valve and it is one of the most famous and iconic games in the industry. This game is a first person shooter that is set in a post-apocalyptic setting where you are surrounded by zombies and you have to reach the safe point without dying. This game is famous for it sold controls and it integration with multiplayer and co-op. The game has a huge need for co-op has sometimes it is required for another player to save you from a fatal situation.