Roleplaying games are a loved Genre played by millions, There are many companies who has made their own variations of the RPG genre. There has both been companies whom tried this genre on a whim and there is other companies who dominate the market with their taking on RPGs. Some of these familiar companies would be Bethesda and BioWare both have developed games which are loved by millions and don’t seem to disappoint their fans.




The franchises mentioned below would have several roleplaying games (RPGs) in their series and they would be very expansive and would take many hours to complete and finish fully. Many RPGs can differ in setting and location such as being held in a fantasy medieval era with elves and orcs, or the world can be futuristic and have space travel along with meeting aliens. Many RPGs have bigger fanbases than others due to features within their games. Below are some RPG franchises loved and played by millions in the gaming community:


1). The Elder Scrolls




–  The Elder Scrolls as many games to its name such as: TESIII: Morrowind,  TESIV: Oblivion and  TESV: Skyrim. All these games are in a fantasy setting with elves, orcs and many other races you can choose from and explore the world of Tamriel. Each game is based in a different province within Tamriel, You normally start these games as a prisoner and you would create your own path and story from the beginning of the game. This games has huge open worlds, locations with many people to meet and places to explore. This franchise is loved my millions because of its vast open world and character customisation, everything in an elder scrolls game is yours for the taking.


2). Dark Souls




–  This series is famous for being a very difficult game due to the health and stamina system. The reason for that everything in the games act as treat from the smallest enemies to HUGE boss battles which all can kill you in one hit. This game is made by a Japanese company so it is certain you will have many hours to put into this game. Even though this game is very hard and many people give up within the first hour. The people who stay till the end really love the game due to its cleaver level design, items, characters, bosses and stories.


3). Final Fantasy




–  Final Fantasy is a huge franchise made by a Japanese company starting the Franchise with Final Fantasy I in 1987 for the nintendo and still releasing games to this day, their are many games along with the many sequels and prequels to certain games as each final fantasy game has a different story to the last, with all this in mind there are a total of 65 instalments to the Final Fantasy franchise. All these games stay within the JRPG (Japanese Roleplaying Game) were it would have a linear story narrative were you must be prepared and tactical as there is many pickups and key items needed for several mechanics in the games. This is a franchise loved by millions with a new interpretation of JRPG with each instalment, from JRPG to Open World JRPG and even MMO titles.


4). Mass Effect




–  This franchise has been developed by BioWare and it has several games in the Mass Effect series. In this game you play as ‘Commander Shepard’ and it is set in a Sci-fi universe were you many characters who are alien, human and machine. Along with the linear story this game has you to make physical and dialogue choices to progress in the games which normally alters the end result of the game, along with other factors such as character feelings toward you as well as potential death to important characters.


5). The Witcher




–  The Witcher is a medieval fantasy game where you are a ‘Witcher’ called Gerold and you follow the story has you see fit. This games has fantastic graphics and a memorable soundtrack. The RPG is a open world game with several customisation options such as, weapons, armours and collectables. This is a game with a darker story than most RPGs and it can be quite gripping and enjoyable for most RPG players.