Racing is a Genre that is successful among many gamers! There are many different games that take a different approach to racing games, either making the game realist and immersive or fun and explosive! Normally the bigger racing games have storylines, careers and a huge selection of cars and tracks to choose from.  However the less serious games wouldn’t have much in terms of story or selection but may have a huge replay value compared to the Serious realist take on racing games.




With Serious racing would be more of a realistic experience but trying to make the game feel real to the eye and have realistic effects such as noises and damage to your car. However the casual side would take an approach to simple controls, colourful scenery and fun gameplay that has high replay value. Below I will show you examples of both serious and casual racing games that take different approaches toward the racing genre but overall keeping the experience toward the thrill of racing:


1). Forza



–  Forza is a popular racing franchise that has being in the video game industry for years with 8 games in total in the series. All these games range from professional racing on popular and real tracks, Also off-road tracking and with another Forza franchise based of racing festivals and racing events. This franchise is serious about racing games when it comes to graphics with the Cars, Effect and Environments in the world as your drive or race. Allowing the player to buy, sell and customise their own car both internally and externally with both the fine tuning of the car along with the outside cosmetics.


2). Rocket League 



–  Rocket League is an Indie title released in 2015 and now has a huge fanbase in such a short time due to it popularity with Sports and racing. The objective of this game is to play the sport football and two teams play each other and try and get the ball into the oponents net to score a point or goal for your team. What makes this very popular is the element of all the people that would normally participate in the sport, have all been replace with cars and you drive into the ball to redirect the ball into the goal to score. You own personal car that you can use in Single player and Multiplayer which you can customise the cosmetics of the cars like colours and accessories.


3). Project: Cars



–  Project:  Cars is another serious racing game that is trying to push the boundaries of the racing genre and create a new fanbase. The company who make Project: cars wanted to take a sandbox approach that allows the player to choose between a variety of different motorsports paths and grants immediate access to all included tracks and vehicles. This game also takes a realistic approach toward racing with graphics, cars and environments.


4). Mario Kart 



–  Mario Kart is the most popular racing franchise ever. Loved by millions by people of all ages. Mario Kart is famous of taking the famous nintendo characters within the Mario franchise and giving them cars to race each other. The art style sticks to the theme of the Mario games. The game is fun due to its tracks and pickups either for attacking an opponent or defend yourself against another racer. There have been several Mario Kart games out there and they all have huge replay value due it being such as fun games that is already loved by many.


5). Need for Speed



–  Need for Speed is both a Serious and Casual game to play that takes place in cities. The serious side comes from the story and graphics of the games, however the controls are solids and not to difficult to learn which can make the game good for new comers to the genre or franchise. Need for Speed is famous for the customisation options for your cars and racing people on single player or show off your new car in multiplayer and show them who is boss of the streets!