The genre ‘Indie’ are given to games that have been created by a small company or studio. Another reason why the game would be indie as the company would not have much publisher financial support and would make their game very small and innovative along with that they would mainly release and sell their game digitally to the public. Normally a lot of indie games would follow a certain style of game play like other big titles, however there would be a certain aspect that makes the game indie would be beautiful graphics and display or the minimalistic simplicity of the game Sometimes the game could be completed within a few hours.


Indie Titles!


Some of the indie Genres would be:

  • Rhythm
  • 2D Platform
  • 3D Platform
  • Story Driven
  • Puzzle Adventure
  • Dungeon Crawler
  • Twin-Stick Shooter

This is normally good for indie games as lots of the games would be a set for casual play and relax the player yet use small puzzles in entertain them. However indie titles can also make their games really dark and serious that would require a lot of playtime and attention to do well in the game. There are many successful types of indie games out there already some of these are:


1). FEZ



–  FEZ is a indie 2D and 3D linear puzzle platformer. Where you play as ‘Fez’ and you must complete puzzles and collect Items which allows you to proceed to the next area and location for more puzzles and knowledge on the story. The eye-catching and innovative thing about FEZ the the beautiful graphics along with the ability to rotate the puzzle to give yourself a different perspective of the puzzle. This game was released in 2012 and developed by Polytron Corporation and published by Polytron


2). Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers!


–  Castle Crashers is a Linear action adventure game were you defeat enemies and bosses, collect gold, get new loot and abilities. This games is fun due to is colourful cartoon art style and the designs for both the players and enemies. This game has a 4 player co-op feature which allows you to play with 3 other people Friends or Stranger both in co-operative story or competitive multilayer which makes playing this game with friends really fun! The main plot is to return the kings crystals and save all the princesses! This game was released August 27, 2008, developed and published by the company ‘The Behemoth’.


3). Outlast




–  This game is a Horror game which uses it linear story driven mechanics to entrain people who play this game. The game was popular due to it form of horror and design, the graphic went for the realistic approach and use of ‘First-Person’ visuals. This game provides a good thrill for players as there is a lot of suspense and the odd tense puzzle to solve. The story is about a journalist who wanted a good news story about a weird asylum, after entering the building he is met by strange residents and has to escape for his life. This game was released on September 4, 2013 and developed and published by ‘Red Barrels Studio’.


4). Super Meat-Boy




–  Super Meat-Boy is a 2D puzzle play former where you ‘Super Meat-Boy’ has is girlfriend kidnapped and you must save her at the end of each puzzle with a boss at the end of each world and you continue until you have successfully completed all the puzzles. This game was released  October 20, 2010 and developed/published by ‘Team Meat’. 






–  LIMBO is a supernatural indie game where you are a small boy in purgatory looking for your sister. There is no narrative or dialogue in this game at all, the only sounds you hear are the sounds of traps, environment and any other form of threat. This game is a linear story driven game with puzzles and collectables throughout the game and this game is well known for it’s simple Black and White colour pallet and simple design. This game was released on July 21, 2010, developed by ‘Playdead, Double Eleven’  and published by ‘Playdead, Microsoft Studios’