Horror is a genre that is good if you want to play a game to keep you on edge and alerting all your sense with all the noises and figures through the majority of Horror games! Horror is one of the genres you would love or hate due to the intention of the games trying to scare you in one way or another through building in tension, narrative, jump scares or the look of the creatures.




There are many different approaches toward horror games, with both physical and metal horror. For example the horror can come from how terrifying the creature/monster/person and also it could be all the tension, emotion or mental situation the game is in, as there are many ways to scare people along with not everyone is scared by the same thing which makes companies take different approaches to the genre. Below are some Horror games that made different impact to players along with the companies different approached toward the genre.


1). The Forest




–  The Forest is another horror game however this game is an Open World Horror Survival game. The game begins with you in a plan crash and seeing your son being taken away by native of this forest the it fades to black with you as the player waking up to this plane crash looking for survivors and your son. This requires you to gather resources and build structures and equipment to keep you alive. With the consideration of Hunger, Thirst and Disease you must do and make items to help prevent yourself from dying. This game was released on May 30, 2014.


2). Amnesia




–  Amnesia has two different games within the franchise with the first title making the game as famous as it is. This game rose in popularity due to it’s method of horror for the player. They would mainly focus on tension and build up for horror, as the first hours of the game you constantly feel that something is going to happen but it doesn’t which is good to keep you on enjoy and not expect when the event will come to you. There is another feature in the game called Sanity which will effect your gameplay experience depending on your situation the more sanity you lose the more you will panic, hallucinate like hearing sounds that aren’t there and seeing terrifying creatures in your face only is disappear in a spilt second.


3). Slender




–  Slender is an small Indie game with simple mechanics. All the player has to do is collect pages within a forest while ‘Slender Man’ is chasing them down. You must collect all the pages to complete the game, however with each page you collect it gets harder to avoid him in certain area’s and you would need to move fast. Slender Man is originally a creatures made from a ‘Creepy Pasta’ which is a big horror trend in america. With this game releases all the fans loved it and many newcomers enjoyed its approach to horror.


4). Dead Space




–  Dead Space has 3 games within it franchise and it began with a strong start. It is a Sci-Fi horror where you play as a space engineer but there has and infection created due to a shrine and it turns the dead into Deformed monsters. The games does well to build tension with its gore and graphics  along with tense moments in-game along with small and huge jump scares you scare you.


5). Five Nights at Freddy’s




–  Five Night at Freddy’s (FNAF) is an Indie horror game made by a small studio which has generated a huge online fanbase base by it characters and how the game plays. You work in a restaurant based for children to eat food, play games and watch the restaurant mascots play songs and sign for the kids. However you are working here after closing hours to check camera and maintenance. The Mascots come to life and roam the restaurant in the hunt to find you and kill you. You must survive the night by ensuring they don’t getting into your office by keeping an eye on the with your camera and locking doors ensure you don’t lose power or else it is game over.