Within the massive Video Game industry there are many different styles and Genres of games to ensure they appeal to every kind of gamer. With the production of videos some Genres sell more than others and would normally have a different audience all together, This would all depend on the audience the game main focuses toward when they sell a game. Here is a list of a few genres in Video games that people would be fimilar with:

Shooter Games
Simulation Games
Roleplaying Games
Racing Games
Indie Games
Horror Games

For video games there is a wide range of Genres and some work better than others with different consoles. For Examples an Real Time Strategy game (RTS) would be a lot better on a PC due to both the input commands and the performance of the platform.


Another example is normally used within Video Games is that First Person Shooter are better on PC when you use a Keyboard & Mouse compared to a controller on a Playstation or Xbox. Ultimately the answer lies where the player feels more comfortable. Many people would say mouse is better because you are more agile and can react quicker than a controller, this is true however some people enjoy the feeling of a controller and the casual is feel it brings to many people so It is all down to preference.