The Release Of: Ratchet & Clank

Ratchet & Clank

Ratchet and Clank (PS4 Reboot)

Ratchet and Clank is a beloved franchise that began in 2002 on the Playstation 2 which is developed and published by Insomniac Games. This series is a science fiction, third-person, action-oriented plat-former and it is well know for the games unique gadgets and weapons you can use. This game is a reboot of the original game in 2002 and is also in the form of a movie, The game has been released on April 19th 2016 and the Film will be released on April 29th 2016.


Ratchet & Clank


The game take place in a science fiction setting and you play as a feline-like character known as Ratchet he is a Lombax who is a mechanic which works with space components and has knowledge in space engineering. Clank is a Zoni robot whom is he companion he mets after a ship crashes on Ratchets home planet on Veldin. They travel through the universe, saving it from evil forces that consistently threaten it. In this game the evil threat is Chairman Drek and he is trying to make his own planet by destroying other planets.



Ratchet and Clank (Film)

Along with the release of the Ratchet & Clank PS4 reboot game there is also a movie release about the game. This movie will be released on the 29th April 2016, This is one week after the Video Game has been released. The movie is based of the Original game released in 2002 for ps2 and the Video game is based of the Movie while keeping all the same level design form the original 2002 game. Below is the trailer for the film that will be released in April.


RATCHET & CLANK Movie Trailer (2016)


The franchise has many different games some are part of the main lore and some are side stories that would explain and tie a few plots together. However this game can been enjoyed by old fans and new as this takes place with the first ever game in the series. This would allow old players relive the past and new players to experience what this game has to offer with both quantity and quality of the games developed by Insomniac Games.




  • Beautiful Graphics
  • Fun & Unique Weapons
  • Wonderful nostalgic feeling



  • Hardest difficulty isn’t hard for experienced players.
  • Experienced players can run through this game very quickly.



If you grew up playing the Ratchet and Clank series when it was first realised you will love this game. This is because this game is a reboot of the very first Ratchet and Clank game in 2002 and all the level designs are identical along with the areas, secrets, certain weapons/gadgets and even enemy design placement. It will give you the sense of nostalgia for all the right reasons make you relive all your favourite moments. However this goes has some different weapons/gadgets and character that were never in the original game however they do fit in nicely to the game and movie.