The Release Of: Dark Souls III

Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls III is the newest installment to the Souls series, developed and published by ‘From Software’, This studio is famous for making their games very difficult and challenging. This game is set in the fictional Kingdom of Lothric, an undead warrior known as the Ashen One is tasked to avert an oncoming apocalypse brought about by the ongoing conflict between Light and Dark. But the only means to avert this event is with the destruction of the Lords of Cinder as they rise from rest. This game has a medieval fantasy setting as you can choose to become a Knight, Mage, Assassin or Barbarian along with many other classes to choose from, all these classes vary with equipment and stats but each one will help with a certain player(s) play-style.


Dark Souls 3 Boss


Dark Souls is a franchise developed and published by From Software a video game company based in Japan, This studio is famous for making their games very difficult and challenging and because of this many people whom dare to play it cannot finish it due to its frustrating difficultly. This game is an action role-playing game set in third-person which keeps it to a similar style to the older games. This game has a huge fanbase which love this company and studio for the Dark Souls games and there other franchise called Bloodborne. The players who stick it out and invest a lot of time to learn the gameplay and story normally finish the game and love it. With gameplay there is so many options and play styles to choose from such as using a Sword & Shield, Two-Handed Great sword, Mace/Club, Staff/Tomes, Bow/Crossbow these options are available for everyone as in previous games they weren’t balanced so well as weapons like bows and daggers weren’t as effective in previous games. This game has redesigned some combat elements so all weapons can be used and used feel to defeat any threat.


This video is the Opening Cinematic Trailer for Dark Souls III:


One of the greatest things this studio manage to excel at is level design as maps all intertwine with each other and it would give the player a sense of relief and progression. The sound design is a huge plus for those people who enjoy fantastic voice acting, grand orchestral/choir pieces for fit the settings for the character(s) and also the area, boss, situation they may be in. The graphics in this game are outstanding with the first game to run in 60FPS, This game is mainly designed for console, However it runs the best on PC to achieve the best quality and frame rates. With this game there has been no problems with the presentation of the game, only with consoles like the Xbox ONE where the frame rate would drop due to a lot of enemies on screen on one huge boss as the console may not be able to handle or run this game well as a gaming computer.



  • Feels like a Dark Souls game
  • Perfect sound design with Characters
  • Beautiful OST throughout
  • Fantastic Graphics



  • Challenging for new comers to the series



Overall If you have played the previous Dark Souls games or Bloodborne you will find this game both refreshing and familiar as it brings what everyone knows and loves about the Souls series and excels what it does best with good gameplay, story and design. You will not be disappointed if you have beaten and enjoyed previous instalments. However if you haven’t played any of the Souls games before just prepare yourself to go back to the roots of gaming as this game is challenging, huge and massively in depth with characters and story a franchise you will not forget any time soon.