The Release of: NEED FOR SPEED (2015)


Need for Speed (2015) is the newest game within the franchise and is taking the game back to the roots of the genre .. Street Racing! This franchise had a strong start with their games being played by many and loved around the world for its fast cars with the urban race scene.


Need for Speed is the 22nd game release in the series, this game was developed and by Ghost Games and released on console on November 3rd, 2015 in North America and November 5th, 2015 in Europe. The game also got a port to PC and was released on March 17th worldwide for windows on pc.


Need For Speed
This game is perfect for fan who want to revisit need for speed for crazy car customisations and street racing as this game is a reboot of the original series. There is a multiplayer function where you can invite players to your ‘Crew’ and be able to Free Roam the map with random players or your friends. You will be able to continue with the story yourself or do it with your friends at the same time.


You are able to challenge players to drift contents or sprint races to have a live event happen in the world with the other players roaming to their own free will. You will begin the game by choosing among 3 different cars and you can customise it to your liking and you will unlock more options and resources as you level up within the game and continue with the story. The things you can customise are:


  • Performance
  • Tuning
  • Visual


All these features will differ you from all the competition both technically and visually. You will be able to constantly revisit your car for visual customisation and tuning.



  • Realistic Graphics
  • Many visual car customisations options
  • Many car tuning customisations options


  • Slight bugs with environments and players
  • Smaller selection of cars



This game is one for the old time Need for Speed fans. If you have played a lot of Need for Speed games you will release how they all vary in their own different way has some of the Need for Speed games were developed by different companies which all had their own different variation of street racing. Some focused more on the cars, others on the environments, and everything in between. However this take of the game brings fans back to the original games that made the franchise famous in the first place.