The Release of: Tom Clancy: The Division


The Division is a third-person shooter set in America, A virus has contaminated america and its different states which was an outbreak of smallpox which was transferred through banknotes. This let to many people becoming ill and dying due to the lack of food and water that had not been poisoned by the virus which the area into anarchy which gives this post-apocalyptic setting within the game. Tom Clancy the Division was released on 8th March 2016 worldwide, this game has been published and developed by Ubisoft. During your time playing this game, the division agents find themselves caught in a worldwide conspiracy and are forced to combat any opposing threat which are or aren’t related to this virus outbreak.


With this setting in place you must play as a member of the SHD (Strategic Homeland Division)  or “The Division” is which it is also know as in the story and game. These people were just ordinary people living ordinary lives until the outbreak and now they are tactical agents for fight and find resources and supplies. This game takes a similar approach to gaming as ‘Destiny’ did just a different setting as the game consists of:


  • Character Customisation.
  • Free roam RPG Elements.
  • Gun / Gear Customisation.
  • Skill Tree and Abiliities Unlocks
  • Loot Mechanic from missions and bosses
  • “MMO-ish” (Massive Multiplayer Online) Online gameplay with social areas.
  • PVE (Player Vs Enemy) and PVP (Player Vs Player) zones for different types of play.


The Division


This game both feels new with the brand new franchise and IP feeling, However some of the mechinics in the game in terms of features and gameplay feel either broken or to similar from previous games who have tried similar projects. Due to this game being a third person shooter this game takes some fundamental features from other famous third person shooters and implemented it into this game, for example the use of ‘Cover System’ and the same with the use of Emotes and loot making the MMO feel to the game which feels nice but familiar.



  • Easy to play
  • Fun with friends
  • Rewarding loot/cover system



  • Few broken mechanics
  • Some un-fresh features



This game is great and a lot of fun with friends as you can get many hours of fun doing missions and quest for loot and even taking a different approach each time to a new mission or encounter. However the game does fall short because when I began to play it more I realised how similar it was to older games and it wasn’t  just one game it was several. None the less it is still a game to try out with friends!